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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Other Side of Kali Yuga

The following is a report to the I-3. This is a brief review of the events that led to the first outbreak of hostilities of Occupy Hades (as reported by Faceless of Federal Hill, April 10, 2014):

"I just arrived at the Host's location via Pluto's Gate. When I opened the front door, I saw a bedbug-infested mattress was leaned up against the left side of the threshold. None of the neighbors saw me at the door, nor did I look beyond the doorway.

As stated in the Host's testimony, there is a guard station on the first floor of the building. The guard station is at the front door where the security camera monitors and the security guard are also located.

It has been confirmed that Behemoth was a property manager at this complex, but another manager gave the order to leave the mattress beside the door and to put the insecticide in the hallway. His name is Belial.

These are the only recorded statements about the incident from witnesses. They are from an interview the Host conducted as part of a three-selection playlist called Occupy Hades. Look for track one: The Faceless MPs - PPD Report no. 14-108502.

Every neighbor on that floor saw the bedbug-infested mattress beside the Host's apartment and the pool of insecticide that lay the middle of the hallway.
The Seat of Consciousness by Al Wiggins Jr.

It has been confirmed that the pool of insecticide stretched from one end of the hallway to the other and was so wide that it was impossible for the Host, or his visitors, to avoid stepping into it."


Satan the Accuser

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